Transformed Riders That Will Transform Riders

Creating something from nothing with a sense of humility, INVENTZO makes 3M (Motorcycle, Millennials and Meaningful) as the foundation to raise the spirit of young riders to create a more meaningful life. INVENTZO is constantly developing innovative ridingwears product that consent to Safety - Security - Healthy aspects while building the formation of young riders communities and culture that prioritize meaningful activities that can have a positive impact to the environment, nation and state.

Supported by integrated technologies such as Wind-Shield, Climate Comfort, Ven-Tech and Motorcycle Fit, bikers' comfort is INVENTZO’s top priority. Water repellent yet comfortable material that’s suitable for tropical countries is also carried by INVENTZO to improve riders’ performance. And the choice of slim-fit and regular/straight-fit presented to meet the needs of millennial riders who like to explore their style. Yes, slightly different from previous generations, Millennial not only follow the trend but also want to give 'statement' about their character through fashion style.

Then, since July 7, 2017 INVENTZO slowly launches various motorcycle jacket variants, riding gloves and t-shirts through both offline and online distrbution channels. We have high expctation that the presence of online shopping channel , INVENTZO can be easier to accessed by millennials that are very technology-minded.

So, millennial riders, let’s be Transformed Riders!



Millennial Generation : the energentic and technology minded, modern young adult.

Meaningful Journey : Inspirational and give impact to life and be responsible to people & planet.


Build a culture of innovation in product development & meaningful activity.

Provide equipment for young riders to keep safety-security-healthy.

Encourage young people to have a meaningful life.

Inventzo Standard Features