KONRAD Alpha, Riding Jacket for the Alpha Guy

The name KONRAD is the name of the German uptake which consists of two basic words, Conja and Rad, which means 'brave and advice'. Carrying the basic parka jackets concept and the combination of Transformed Riders' mission, KONRAD was specifically designed for bikers with brave hart andwilling to transform to become positive role models.

KONRAD prototype was first worn by the EASTPLORIDE team, one of the Transformed Riders - Ride for Mission (IRFM) team that were on their way riding their motorcycles from Bandung to the mission site in Nusa Tenggara region. Wind and weather conditions that were passed along the journey became the provision for developing this products to make it suitable for Transformed Riders, until finally the mass production version was introduced to the public by fellow Transformed Riders Motobloggers that consist of Om Iwan Banaran (IWB), Om Yogas (Kobayogas), Om Vandra (Monkey MotoBlog) and Mas Ari (Aripitstop).

Webslider konrad

Just like any other INVENTZO jacket products, KONRAD is equipped with Weathershield (Windshield, Hydroshield & Breathable) technologies that make it comfortable to wear in cold and hot weather conditions and is able to withstand light and short rain. KONRAD also has a special style (pattern-texture) rather unusual compared to other jacket on its outer material.

So Transformed Riders, be prepared for something bold and stand out of the crowd!