Meet the Ride For Share

“Ride For Share” begun from a very simple bond, we are just a bunch of bikers who share same passion to explore Indonesia.  We share a lot of good ride together going to different area in Indonesia, some area that’s quite uncommon for people to go, area where the nature still pristine and the locals still lead a very simple life. It is until one day we realized in almost every area we’ve visited, the beautiful nature and the warmth smile of locals hid a lot of sad truth. Hidden inside is a multi layered of problems ranging from underdeveloped community, illegal natural resources exploitation, foreign industry invasion, lack of government support and much more. This is when we decide that we want to create impact through our journey, not just simply riding to some places and enjoying ourselves.

That is how “Ride For Share” started, we’re a bikers who shared same passion to explore Indonesia and want to make differences in Indonesia community. “Ride For Share” choose to focus on community development, our concern is how we’re able to give a solution to those in needs so they able to lead their lives better and together we can make an impact for the community they lived in. We at “Ride For Share” will always try to make sure the continuity & sustainability of our project. Each of our project is customized to the needs of the community that we targeted. Even thought we start small, we believe that we will create impact and we can change Indonesia one kilometer at a time through our journey.

What “Ride For Share” try to do is too big a dream to achieve by “Ride For Share” alone, with what we have in our hand we can only achieve so little at a time. But this is not a journey only for ourselves, we believe there’s others that share a same dream. “Ride For Share” invite all partners and fellow bikers to become a part of this journey, with the help from of our partners and fellow bikers we can move faster and achieve more. We’re sure through “Ride For Share” we can start a wave of change that will make our Indonesia a better place for everyone. 
“Let’s Ride and Do Good” – Ride For Share