SALEBRATION, Inventzo Gives THR Lebaran!


In the holy month of Ramadan, we are reminded to always do good deeds, pray and worship our God. Many positive activities can inspire us to transform into better people. There are also many activities that can be done with family, relatives and friends such as religious activities and bukber. These activities are often performed outside and often last until late at night, especially when followed by sahur on the road. Surely You need a special outfit such as windshield jacket (windproof) that can protect yourself from the winds of night and early morning so that You are always fit until the Mudik time when You come back home later arrive.




Mudik which in every year is done a few days before Lebaran Idul Fitri gives us the opportunity to be able to enjoy the taste of fasting with our beloved family in our hometown. Make sure to prepare it well, whether the condition of the vehicle (if You drive/ride your own vehicle), have bought tickets back and forth since far (when ride public transportation), gifts for beloved family to clothes we wear during Mudik as well as new clothes that somehow become a kind of Indonesian tradition every celebration of the holiday. Lebaran is the most anticipated moment to celebrate the victory as well as the relationship with family and close relatives to release the longing, mutually forgiving-apology to the time to give away (and receive) THR. 




For You who'll go Mudik by motorcycle, especially for You who have to ride long distances, choosing a jacket an not be arbitrary. In addition to windshield, your jacket should also be comfortable to wear and perfect for occuring climate to support your riding activities. Water Repellent and Hydroshield (waterproof) is also one of the features required to support your journey, because it could rain suddenly and you have not stopped to wear rainsuits (raincoats), or when the rain isn't hard yet.


Riding gloves that fit comfortably (motorcycle riders' fit) also needed to avoid blisters and prevent slippery hands while riding your motorcycle.



While headwears in the form of helmet cap or balaclava were needed to keep your head comfortable when wearing a helmet.




Do not forget to always bring rainsuits (avoid the form of bats/ponchos or lion-headed barongsai for the safety of Mudik-ers) because although it's already June and have entered the dry season, in fact rains's still coming.


Accomodating high quality motorcycle apparel with a special Ramadan promotional price-Lebaran so you can manage your finances wisely, until June 30, 2018, INVENTZO presents SALEBRATION in form of up to 30% discount for a wide range of motor apparel from riding jackets, rainsuits which was just launched at the end of May 2018, riding gloves, headwears to t-shirt. With this promo, You can get various windproof starting price 300-thousands Rupiah. For example there is Tracer which initially Rp. 418,000 has now become Rp. 313.500, then there are 2 collections of soft softshell jacket that is Graphite and Thermio which originally Rp.506.000 now only Rp. 379,500. And riding gloves can be obtained starting price of 90-thousands Rupiah only. This promo is valid across all offline and online retail stores INVENTZO and RIDERWARE including affiliate stores. In offline store, INVENTZO is also givingTHR (Teman Happy-Happy Riders) Lebaran in the form of bonus balaclava for every purchase of all BOMBER type jacket which is also 10% discount like Blackwing, Razon, Sandstorm dan Wireform. This promo also applied online di Blibli dan JD.ID. Well, to prevent your energy to be wasted and drained and make You tempted by discounts at mall and department stores, to difficulty find parking spots considering many people who also hunt new clothes and bukber outside, this promo is also available in online store and official stores (Inventzo dan Riderware) in marketplaces likes Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, Shopee dan Elevenia.

For citizens of Jakarta or You who will shop at Pekan Raya Jakarta (Jakarta Fair) 2018 starting on May 23 - July 1, 2018 INVENTZO will present to enliven JD.ID booth at Niaga Arena Building Arena JIEXPO Kemayoran. If You who want to see product catalog and get to know INVENTZO further, visit website, follow Instagram @, and like fanpage Inventzo. Meanwhile, if you want to interact with customer service can contact CLARA (Customer Loyalty Assistant & Retail Associate) at office hour Monday - Friday at 08.00 - 17.00 at 0899 5 800 000.

Let's be #TransformedRiders and get your THR Lebaran!