The Transformation Day

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Though July 2017 is the time INVENTZO start developing, January 19 2018 is our historic day since it was the day we go public. Launched in one of the Motoritz stores in the Mahakam area, South Jakarta, INVENTZO was officially introduced to media partners, communities and the general public as a riders equipment brand. The products of INVENTZO itself is distributes on two offline stores owned by PT Sinergi Ventura Pratama (later mentioned as SVP) which are located in Bandung and also available on agent stores owned by SVP partners in several major cities in Indonesia. Following market trends, INVENTZO is also getting easier to get online, both on SVP’s own web-commerce here and in various fast growing online marketplaces.
In this INVENTZO brand launch event, SVP introduced several ranges of riding equipment that were produced and the feature that each product had. Some of the features that become the standard for INVENTZO products among others are:

A special feature from INVENTZO that is offered to motorcyclists so that they can feel comfortable using INVENTZO products in the tropical climate of Indonesia.


Wind-Shield and Water Repellent outer materials is the main feature that INVENTZO jacket products must have, especially motorcycle riding ones. Wind-Shield would protect riders from the wind as the riders move and accelerate with their ride. Water Repellent will protect them from light rain where it’s too early to wear rain suits. INVENTZO also launched a jacket article that has the advantage of being waterproof. The jacket is very suitable for use in the climate of Indonesia which has high rainfall. In addition, to suit the needs of the rider to the environment, INVENTZO products use three kind of layers (inner lining) which are mesh, fleece and quilt jacket.

Beside jackets, various products and accessories for motorcyclists are also developed and produced using materials that support the comfort and safety of the riders are lightweight by utilizing the advantages of polyester, elastic by utilizing the advantages of twill-stretch and single-jersey materials, and dry quickly when washed.

INVENTZO expresses active, energetic, simple, modern, smart, dynamic style of urban riders. Not only following trends, INVENTZO also wants to give a ‘fashion statement’ in the world of motorcycle rider equipment. This is evidenced by the presence of a daily riding jacket for city-bikers that looks simple but still elegant with a choice of motorcycle rider fit pieces, consisting of slim-fit and regular fit pieces, as well as reflective part whether it’s printed logo, piping or webbing for safety.

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