The Story Behind INVENTZO Ride for Mission (IRFM)

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INVENTZO has a vision which summarized in the tagline Transformed Riders  to deliver positive change through real actions in everyday life. INVENTZO believes that all of us have mission call in various ways to make positive change to the nation. Riders (self riders, public transportation riders and commuters) in Indonesia are one segment with great potential in supporting this movement. INVENTZO present to transmit the mission from just doing something as routine to doing something meaningful, matter, and has positive impact on oneself and the surrounding environment.

Create something from nothing with enthusiasm in the spirit of humility  becomes the basic definition of the name INVENTZO. Continuous innovation is pursued in the development of driving equipment products that pay attention to the elements of Safety – Security – Healthy, while building the formation of a community and culture of young riders who prioritize meaningful activities that can have a positive impact on themselves, environment, the nation and the country. In introducing this movement, INVENTZO held a brand launch event on January 19 2018. Several riders have joined us in a forum called INVENTZO Ride for Mission (IRFM). They’re motorcyclists who are commit to answer their mission call and make it happen in real action. New seeds have been sown and grown together in IRFM. Some of them are:


Starting from their involvement in programs to improve the welfare of farmers and small business practitioners who are scattered in several areas in West and East Nusa Tenggara by gave them some training, as socio-preneurs, they promised to follow by visit and check up on them. For the sake of efficiency and effectiveness in those activities, a motorcycle was chosen as a means of transportation. After the volunteer team was formed and the exploration was carried out, they found that there were many things they could do to take part in joint efforts to improve social welfare, especially in one of the poorest provinces in Indonesia which was East Nusa Tenggara. Answering that call, EASTPLORIDE invites riders to take part in a life changing journey that can be used as a momentum to realize and deepen the meaning of a mission call Enough for Oneself, More for the Others.


Formed and run by several young riders from a cosmopolitan city with diverse backgrounds and cultures, RFS is on a mission to share the good for residents in destination locations that are often forgotten by others. Hundreds to thousands of kilometers are taken, leaving for a moment the bustle of cosmopolitan life, not only as a form of love for motorbike riding, but further as an encouragement to carry out mission activities to bring positive change. Let’s Ride and Do Good  becomes a statement and vision of RFS, helping the community and having an impact on the development of Indonesian society, through traveling by motorbike.

  • INILAH INDONESIA : Starting from a hobby of riding motorbikes from one city to another, observing how beautiful the nature around us is their activities to promote local hidden gem which are often overlooked. Observing advances in technology and information media, the team thought further to spread the assets Indonesia has. The team tried to present a different point of view in each short film series that were made.

As Richard Rohr said : “Transformed people transform people,”  each of us has the opportunity to change and be part of the change by change people around us to be better. Each of us was called to carry out a mission that impacts positive change on any scale. INVENTZO and IRFM are only one vehicle to achieve that goal. Let’s participate in making changes, become riders who are willing to change and transmits these positive changes to others. Transformed Riders Transform People – INVENTZO.

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